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SFE MECOSA: Optimizes the FE-Mesh for Analysis in Acoustics

Simplify and improve your FE-mesh for an application in acoustics. Transform it step by step into a boundary element mesh. Remove unnecessary elements and improve the simulation quality. Identify emitting surfaces and thus enable the removal of structural elements that are not part of the coupled fluid model. 

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SFE MECOSA: Features in Detail

  • Easy to use mesh coarsener with comfortable GUI
  • Creates a boundary element mesh out of an existing FE mesh
  • Identification of relevant surfaces for the simulation of acoustical properties
  • Removes unwanted structures

Sound reasons for SFE MECOSA

  • Better results combined with less CPU load
  • Optimized mesh for simulation of acoustics
  • Management of minimal and average element size
  • Provides the optimal mesh for acoustic simulation