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SFE CONCEPT: A breakthrough for the CAE-driven development process

Create and modify simulation models fast and efficiently on the basis of new designs, previous models and the integrated knowledge base. Optimize geometry and topology with respect to vibration, stiffness, crash and acoustics in automated batch processes. Integrate design and evaluation into a fast feedback loop in order to shorten the development process. SFE CONCEPT® is also available in a version integrated into CATIA 5.

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  • Fast and easy creation of fully parametric simulation models
  • Efficient modification and variation - manually and through batch process
  • Instant mesh creation when model is modified
  • Design, evaluation and optimization in a fast feedback loop
  • Module and parts library for knowledge management
  • Geometry output via interfaces for IGES, STEP, VDA & CATIA
  • Optionally available as a seamlessly integrated workbench for CATIA V 5

Sound Reasons for SFE CONCEPT

  • Enhanced product knowledge in the early phase of product development
  • Instant update of FE-mesh, no manual work necessary to prepare the FE-Mesh
  • Optimization of mechanical product features in an automated feedback loop
  • Faster turnover in design cycle
  • Tight integration of CAE and CAD in a fast feedback loop

Case: Create variant of base model

Derivation of vehicle structure from an Existing Platform 

The SFE CONCEPT® model will be quickly created on the basis of the predecessor FE mesh and new design ideas. The whole floor assembly will be taken from the SFE CONCEPT library and connected to the new model instantly. In an automated feedback loop with a standard FE solver and a optimizer the model will be optimized for crash and intrusion while keeping constraints like overall body weight constant in the process. Some of the joints will be reinforced. At the end of the simulation and optimization phase the optimized model is ready for handover to pre-manufacturing CAD. As a result of this approach, considerable time and effort has been saved and the model complies well to the requirements. 



SFE CONCEPT® with CATIA V5 Integration


SFE CONCEPT® with its implicit parametrics and quick, accurate FE meshingas well as its integrated joining technique enables the quick generation of design variants and their verification with a view to different functionalities. In the vehicle sector, these are mainly crash and NVH requirements. Targeted examination of geometric and topological changes is possible in a multidisciplinary optimization process. These features enable theconversion of the familiar "sequential" process from form to function to the concurrent process where performance of the function dominates essential form-finding criteria. Integration into CATIA V5 not only enables direct communication between further data thatinfluences form, such as package, styling and manufacture in vehicle construction, but also the direct transformation of the geometry and topology validated by SFE CONCEPT to CATIA V5 surfaces which are stored as CATparts.Just like the stand-alone version of SFE CONCEPT, the integrated version also features the modular design of the geometry from the library and the top down approach from the "gross" design to the simulation-relevant detail (such as crash initiators). 

Download SFE CONCEPT® CATIA V 5 CONNECTOR Announcement