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SFE AKUSRAIL: Simulation of Noise Generation in Rail Traffic

Simulate the complete acoustical chain in railway transportation, consisting of noise from the rail track, the wheel set and the vehicle itself. Calculate and compare various dampening measures. SFE AKUSRAIL comes with several models for track and wheel dynamics, for the contact behavior within the system, the degree of rust influencing the sound, the rolling noise and the interior noise within the vehicle.

SFE AKUSRAIL: Features in Detail

  • Modeling and simulation of the acoustic dynamics with regard to track, wheelset and car
  • Prediction and analysis of rolling noise, interior acoustics and curve noise
  • Reduction of noise emission by means of systematic causal research

Sound Reasons for SFE AKUSRAIL

  • Prediction of sound emission and analysis of cause
  • Influencing paramters can be varied automatically
  • Supports engineer in finding noise reduction strategies
  • Evaluation of options for sound reduction

Case: Noise Reduction Measures

As a project goal, different options for noise supression are analysed and compared. The effect of track noise suppression on the driving dynamic is simulated. The noise reduction effect of the various noise supression strategies and damming materials is compared, including UIC60, discrete absorbers and continuous absorbers. As a result, various options can be presented. Each option has a specific prediction regarding influence on noise reduction. Costs and benefits can be compared precisely.