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SFE AKUSMOD: A Powerful Tool for Interior Acoustics

Analysis of interior acoustic in passenger vehicle

Evaluate lightweight structures with regard to comfort and acoustics. Analyze the interior acoustic of vehicles. Find out what parts of the vehicle contribute the most to noise emission and vibration. SFE AKUSMOD™ puts you into a position to check and to improve acoustics/NVH in an early stage.

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SFE AKUSMOD: Features in Detail

  • Easy and comfortable coupling of fluid and structure in the model
  • Powerful postprocessing with fast preview on NVH-results
  • Inclusion of acoustical absorbers into the simulation model

Sound Reasons for SFE AKUSMOD

  • Efficient mesh generation for NVH and interior acoustics
  • Calculation and visualization of particapation of individual panels at sound generation
  • Easy coupling of fluid and solids
  • Profound analysis of cause for pressure level at a certain point

Case: Optimization of Interior Acoustic

Calculate, analyze and reduce the sound pressure level in a new car design 

Approach with SFE AKUSMOD

SFE AKUSMOD calculates automatically the geometry of the car interior, creates a fluid model and couples it with the structural model. The sound pressure level is calculated for all relevant load cases. By a detailed analysis of single panels in the vehicle a reduction of sound pressure level in the interiour can be deducted, modelled and evluated. In the interaction with SFE CONCEPT® even more factors can be included into the optimization process.