SFE CONSULTING: Take Advantage of More than 25 Years Experience

Simulation and optimization in the product development process is our passion - since more than 25 years. Our core competence is the numerical simulation and optimization with regard to static, dynamic and acoustic properties. SFE provides advice and support to OEMs and manufacturers in the development of new products and takes over complete development tasks on the basis of our tools - in-house and on-site. 

Trainings and workshops 

SFE offers basic and advanced training sessions and workshops for our software tools. This includes on-site workshops designed to your specific needs. 

Project Examples

  • Automotive and railway body concept modeling, customization and optimization
  • Optimization of acoustic behavior of vehicles (cars and trains)
  • Simulation and optimization of vibration behavior of washing machines and dryers
  • Analysis of wear effects on rail tracks
  • Structural and thermal analysis of a fluid gas carrier tank

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