SFE GmbH and a Short Company History

Hans Zimmer- President and CEO (retired)

SFE GmbH was founded in 1984 by Hans Zimmer, President and CEO until June 2013. He has more than 30 years of experience in fluid structure interaction, numerical simulation and optimization. Under his leadership, SFE’s research activities and breakthrough technologies have been incorporated into SFE’s software products, which are well recognized by nearly all car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. In 2007, Hans Zimmer established AVD SFE Corp. in Michigan, USA. Two years later, SFE founded SFE CHINA in Shanghai and SFE-TEC. Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of SFE.  

The first steps of SFE…

It all began with an acoustic box. A simple sheet metal box  which a customer had built and given to us. In cooperation with  the Institute of Engineering Acoustics (Techn. University Berlin), we measured this box with a view to structure-borne and airborne noise.  

SFE has always pursued the challenging task of having the structure-borne and air-borne sound propagation approximated  in the numerical model. At that time, SFE was a pioneer in this field and, thanks to our work, the customer was one of the first  car makers world-wide to possess a method for numerical  simulation of coupled structure and acoustic processes. SFE benefitted from the fact that its founder, during his term as scientific assistant at Berlin's Technical University, had worked  intensively on wave propagation and flow processes in porous  media. The latter led to the development of porous air-borne  sound absorbers in the numerical model and their  implementation in MSC NASTRAN via DMAP which eventually  led to SFE AKUSMOD™. SFE received widespread recognition  from its customers for this achievement and we are proud that  we have been living up to this high standard to this very day. It  goes without saying that SFE's many loyal employees are also  crucial for this success. Many developers have been with SFE  for many years and excel not just through their outstanding  analytical skills, but also through their ability to ensure the  target-oriented and pragmatic implementation of the algorithms developed in our software tools.  

Ingenieurgesellschaft für Strukturanalyse in Forschung und  Entwicklung mbH (SFE GmbH), established in 1984, boasts  many years of comprehensive experience in the development of development-supporting CAE and software tools. SFE's  expertise covers three main fields, i.e. structure analysis,  parametric geometry design and derived functional evaluation  including numerical acoustics.  

Parametric geometry design and the functional evaluation  derived therefrom form SFE's outstanding field of core  competence with the SFE CONCEPT® product which is being  used in a host of industrial applications. SFE's products and  services are generally designed to optimize and reduce  development time whilst at the same time boosting product  quality. In addition to this, these powerful simulation tools make  it possible to reduce development costs. SFE has a wealth of  experience when it comes to applying and developing  numerical methods for analyzing complex physical contexts  where analytical methods are insufficient or inadequate. Leading international manufacturers are increasingly relying on  products and services from SFE.  

The automotive industry and the Forschungsgemeinschaft Automobiltechnik (FAT) as its body acknowlegdes our abilities and  have repeatedly supported us in demanding research projects  and the further development of our products. This recognition  can also be seen in the use of our products and services in  other areas of the transport sector, such as in rail transport  engineering.  All of SFE's employees are proud of what we have achieved.  Although SFE is not a company that focuses solely on growth,  we have nevertheless managed to be present and recognized  on a global scale. Our products have been successfully  launched in Europe, North America and Asia. This is only possible when everybody – developers and the colleagues who deal directly with customers – contribute jointly and with great  loyalty to our success.